Who Was Dolly?

Dolly Dunsby began working at Newman Brothers at the age of 14 in 1915. She had the choice of working at a biscuit factory or Newman Brothers, but chose the latter because it paid more. Dolly managed the Warehouse and eventually ‘the works’, giving out the day’s jobs to the polishers. However, Dolly had to fight to get her job as Warehouse manager. Although Dolly had worked for Newman Brothers for 30 years, when the job became available, she wasn’t at first offered it. She felt so strongly that ‘she fought her corner’ with Horace Newman and eventually got the job. She continued in this role for another 30 years, finally retiring at the age of seventy-five in 1975.

A 75th Birthday

Dolly’s 75th birthday was in 1975. At this stage she had worked at Newman Brothers’ for 62 years! Here, Dolly is celebrating that birthday with other Newman Brothers’ staff including Dai Davies.

Bringing the photos back to life

The image on the left has been edited in photoshop to show the true tone and colour that we imagine was captured on the day. The image on the right is how the image actually appears in our archive, now bleached and faded with time.

Use the scroll icon in the middle to compare the two images.

Gallery of Dolly’s Birthday

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