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Birmingham’s award winning museum Coffin Works invites you to ‘clock-in’ and watch this 360° taster tour video. This fun 360° video will give you a fully immersive and interactive experience.

“We’re always trying to find new ways to allow people to experience the Coffin Works and engage with the building and its historic contents. We also just love to try new things as we’re still very much shaping our own identity. Spark Media gave us the opportunity to do just that with the 360° taster tour. It’s incredibly immersive, inviting the viewer in, and showcasing the highlights of the Coffin Works in its 360° glory. Having a taster tour in this format is a luxury for us, and allows us to market the Coffin Works on yet another platform to even more potential audiences.”

Sarah Hayes – from Newman Brothers’ Museum.

The video has been produced by Birmingham content agency Spark Media after co-director Scott Barnett took part in a tour.

“I was totally blown away by the tour of the Coffin Works, it’s such an important part of the Jewellery Quarter’s heritage and I couldn’t believe it had escaped me. I felt it was important to share this hidden gem with more people and Social Media seemed like the most suitable platform. As a creative content agency we’re always looking at new and exciting ways to promote businesses and brands and a 360° video tour was the perfect fit. The technology we use puts the viewer inside the content and in control of what they want to see, providing them with a unique perspective and shareable experience.”

Scott Barnett – from Spark Media.

With the help of Newman Bros tour guide Owen, the 360° video takes you on a brief journey around the museum, highlighting the stamp and shroud room with informative visual stats and background information.

How to watch the Coffin Works 360° tour:

On your desktop: Using either Chrome or Firefox,  by dragging around the video with your cursor.

On your mobile device: Click here to view on Youtube You can drag the video with your finger, or by simply tilting and turning your device.

360° video is currently viewable on the web and on Andriod and iOS devices.